• Spanish Translation

    Creativity and precision in every word
  • Linguistic Quality Assurance

    No language mishaps to spoil the fun
  • Game Localisation Consulting

    Always one step ahead of any issue

Spanish Translation

Enjoy a translation service that aims at creating natural-sounding texts, which contribute to your product’s success in the Spanish market. And experience the results a proven methodology can get you.

Videogame scripts for dubbing or subtitling, in-game text, manuals, box sleeves, advertising copy, press releases, banners and other collateral material… any platform, any size.

Linguistic Quality Assurance

Let’s say your game is already in Spanish… Well then, get yourself a meticulous QA process to root out localisation bugs, spot and fix context mismatches, or polish up your in-game texts and printed materials.

And if you trust your translation to wordhive, you may request a two-person translation process. By truly co-operating at every level, these two brains will provide you with a plus in creativity and an additional quality check.

Other quality assurance services include glossary creation & translation.

Game Localisation Consulting

Obtain some extra peace of mind by adopting a process that helps anticipate and prevent localisation issues early in the project.

wordhive offers localisation project management, localisation workflow consulting, evaluation of translation tests, linguistic advising in recording studios, videogame translation workshops and lectures, terminology management and also file preparation & handling.